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Diabetic Therapy

Diabetes Success Story

Jeff Giulietti
Jeff Giulietti,

Michale Young
Michael Young, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Eugene Physical Therapy


We are pioneers in the state of Oregon. In 2013 we officially started our project of multi-disciplinary treatment of Diabetes. Combining the professions of:
          Internal Medicine Physician
          Physical Therapist

In 2011, one of our PT Residents, Caitlin Larson, DPT, CSCS, presented a lecture on the Evidence of combining Physical Therapy with Physician services. We invited every Internist in Lane County. Only 1 physician chose to attend, Dr. Kirk Jacobsen (Board Certified, Internal Medicine). Committed to treating Diabetes we have teamed up with Oak Street Medical to combat this disease.

Diabetes is on the rise for Americans
Having diabetes and lacking good control over blood sugars can be very frustrating for the patient to overcome. Research shows great benefit for patients to successfully start (and stick with) an exercise program designed to build muscle, balance, and lose weight, towards getting into the normal weight range of BMI (Body Mass Index) for your height.

The key is “successfully start and stick with”. For many, even starting a program is a mountain too steep to climb. They may have barriers to exercise they don’t even fully recognize and any attempt to start results in increased pain, or other symptoms made worse. Working with the patient who has Diabetes is one of our specialty areas.

Our treatment program starts with you making the decision to "make a change". That decision is to "learn how to become healthy".

For those patients who choose to change their life, and take control of Diabetes, we will:

  1. Outline a program of physical therapy to help you achieve a successful ability to start exercising.
  2. Referral to Nutritional Biochemist with special training in Diabetic Management
  3. Outline a program how to get physically healthy.
For those patient who have Diabetic ulcers or other injuries, we tailor your treatment program to be able to start, despite these deficits. A diabetic ulcer is "not a reason" to not exercise. In Fact, exercise will become a key factor in shifting your biochemistry and blood sugars to allow tissue healing to start taking place, instead of delayed healing, which accompanies Diabetes that is "out of control."


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