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Downtown Satellite:1410 Oak Street, Suite 100 • Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-345-2064

Hand Therapy

Jeff Giulietti
Jeff Giulietti,

Eugene Physical Therapy

Eugene Physical Therapy has expertise in Hand Therapy.

Jeff Giulietti has been treating hand problems for more than 30 years, and has a reputation for solving or improving very difficult problems that have failed to respond with other clinicians (Certified Hand Therapists/CHT).    In addition to his many credentials of distinction include being Board Certified in Orthopedics, he was one of the first 400 PT’s nationwide to be made a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. 

Testimonial: “I recommend Jeff Giulietti and Eugene PT for Hand Therapy”. Pilar Bradshaw, MD, FAAP

Common Problems we see:

Hand pain Thumb pain Hand/finger/thumb osteoarthritis Tendinitis
Tenosynovitis Wrist pain Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Post operative
CRPS Forearm pain Wrist/hand strain/sprain   Trigger finger