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What is bracing?

Physical Therapists (PT) have been the primary health care professional involving bracing for patients for over 6 decades. We carry on this tradition here at Eugene Physical Therapy. In contrast to a cast, which is commonly used for fractures, a brace allows for movement, but with Specific support, often protecting ligaments that need to heal. Certain braces come with adjustments, that your healthcare provider will adjust accordingly as you improve. Braces are commonly used during rehabilitation and also in prevention of re-injury such as in athletics or work activities. It should be recognized that bracing is traditionally used as an “adjunct” to rehabilitation, and generally is not used as a sole treatment by itself. Braces, such as the ACL Brace (described below) are recommended at the end of a patient’s rehabilitation, where other braces are used during the rehabilitation process towards achieving other future goals.

Knee Bracing

Braces fall into “off the shelf” models and “Custom” models. A knee brace can only give as much support based on the fit. The better the fit, the more effective your brace will be. Off the shelf Items are always less expensive. Certain braces may be covered by insurance, so please inquire from our office staff.

Knee: off the shelf bracing

We take measures that will give correct sizing also for “off the shelf” braces that may be used during rehabilitation and/or for long term. Items can be ordered in different colors.

Knee: Custom Bracing


We are able to take custom measurements from your knee that is used to make a model of your leg, which a brace is custom fitted for your knee. A knee brace can only give as much support based on the fit. The better the fit, the more effective your brace will be. The most common brace for this is the ACL brace (for patients Anterior Cruciate Ligament deficient knees or those who have had surgical reconstruction). We currently recommend the CTi by Innovative Sports, which is now a subdivision of OSSUR bracing, which is recognized internationally.

Spinal Bracing

Your PT may recommend certain bracing during your rehabilitation based on your specific deficits. Please ask your PT regarding this.

Ankle Bracing

We offer the Suede-O-Universal lace up ankle braces which have lead the industry in superior ligamentous support for over a decade. Your PT may also recommend the AIR-CAST ankle brace during your rehabilitation. Recognize this is not a brace for athletics, but used during Physical Therapy treatment programs to progress towards achieving pain-free walking.


Other Braces

We are able to provide other bracing, such as for the wrist, elbow, hand as needed, as well as fabricate custom splints.