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Listed here are some comments patients have given us at the end of their successful rehabilitation.

Kathleen F.

Great Job Katrina!!  What an inspiration to empower other women!!  Thanks for sending us your photos of your 5K Run!!

For more testimonials of Runners, go to our
Runner Website

Diane Retallack
Age 67
International Competitive
Ballroom Dancer

Thanks to Jeff Giulietti, I am still dancing at age 67. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since Jeff worked me back to full function after my shoulder surgery. All the dancing I have enjoyed since then! You can see my big smile, standing on the top podium last year at the Embassy World Dancesport Championships, having won the Pro-Am Silver Latin Senior Championship (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive) with my professional partner Yegor Novikov. When I broke my big toe several years ago, of course I had to see Jeff. He is the one I trust. The one and only.

Thanks, Jeff.

James Wilson
age 52

Wanted to thank your whole staff and Jesse.  Because of your treatment, I was able to finish my first marathon at the age of 52 yesterday. 

Thank you so much!!

Chuck Hauk
Aikido Instructor
age 65

I’ve always tried to be active, using a rowing ergometer and weights regularly, as well as stretching and walking regularly.  In addition, I’ve been training in, and teaching, the Japanese martial art of Aikido for 40 years.  In fact, I’m the Chief Instructor of Aikido of Eugene.  Being 65 and active, and being involved in a martial art, I’ve acquired my share of injuries over the years and I’ve continually come back to Jeff Giulietti at Eugene Physical Therapy for assistance.  I first met Jeff in 1999 while recovering from a medial meniscectomy on my left knee.  Jeff ably assisted me in making a full, 100% recovery, to the point that, at an Aikido seminar later that year, when asked how my knee surgery had gone, I had to take a moment to remember which knee I had injured.  Over the intervening 18 years, I’ve received physical therapy from Jeff for neck, shoulder, lower back, leg, and hand injuries.  Jeff has always been able to assist me in healing and achieving full recovery, no matter how severe the initial injury.  I’ve always been impressed with his knowledge of the human body and how it works and with his method of involving me in my own active recovery.  He is responsive; he pays attention to what the patient says; and he clearly explains the exercises he asks you to do in your recovery.  I think Eugene Physical Therapy and Jeff Giulietti, in particular, are tops in the field of Physical Therapy in the greater Eugene area.  I have recommended Jeff and Eugene Physical Therapy to friends.  One of them gratefully says, “Jeff saved my life!”  If you’re in need of Physical Therapy, I highly recommend Eugene Physical Therapy.

Isabel Renich 
age 16
Anterior ankle pain

Don’t worry, I’m not injured again. 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did with me to help me recover from my ankle injuries.

Your help enabled me to be dancing full out, en pointe. Thanks for all your help!  I attached a picture of me as the Mad Hatter in my spring recital of Alice in Wonderland so you can see! 

Thank you,  Isabel Renich

Tiffany Best
age 29
Bilateral leg pain

“Hi Jeff! I’ve been meaning to write you but I’ve been terribly busy as you could imagine! Well I have good news. I made it through Navy bootcamp!! I graduated on February 3rd so I am officially a sailor!!! Hookah! 

I wanted to say thank you for all your help and all that you did to make sure I was not only physically prepared but mentally. I can honestly say working with you changed me and is a big part of why I made it through! I passed every single Physical Readiness Test I had and got better and better with each one. My final 1.5 run time was 1330 which is slow I know but I was so unbelievably proud of myself to be able to run that mile and half and not give up. To push through everything they threw at me and not give up or let them break me mentally. I would be in pain and I would get through it by reminding myself the things you taught me about pain being mental. It really is. 

Anyways I just wanted to update you and let you know how much you made a difference. Thank you again for your effort and support and everything else you did. I am forever thankful.”

Kara Martinez
age 32,

“I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone! Jeff was the third therapist I had seen for my constant headaches and neck issues. Jeff was able to quickly diagnose me and got me started on treatment right away. Jeff made me feel like a priority. He would email me to see how I was doing and even got me in at 5:30 am (he starts at 6:00 am) when I was having issues. Since working with Jeff, I have been headache free for 3 weeks! That is a big accomplishment, considering I had a constant headache for over a year! I will be forever grateful to Jeff and his staff. He helped me get my life back!  Thank again!”

Chris W.
age 63,

Jeff has helped me to resolve some of the most challenging health problems I’ve had. I first met Jeff when I worked at the Eugene Clinic almost 15 years ago. I had severe shoulder pain due to what we later determined were poor work station ergonomics. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and was pretty distressed. I first saw my PCP who said I had fibromyalgia, gave me a prescription for an anti-depressant and sent me out the door. This didn’t work for me. I then turned to Jeff who happened to work in the same building. He personally visited my work station and made adjustments which completely resolved the pain! I was elated. I saw him a few years later for pain in both knees – there was little cartilage left. I was on crutches, pretty immobile, wondering about my future with this problem, and with Jeff’s help, I was walking normally within weeks. After that came the issue of my hands falling asleep – we resolved it. Most recently, I’ve seen Jeff due to a fall from a bike which resulted in delayed back and leg pain preventing me from walking. After a few weeks, I’m at 95%, walking again and swimming – I wouldn’t probably have gone to the pool without Jeff’s encouragement, and swimming has helped me so much. Jeff works with the physical as well as the mental and emotional. He helped me to address the emotional component of my latest pain issue. If a person is willing to do the work, there’s every reason to believe that with Jeff’s help, there can be recovery. I’m a testament to that. Oh, and his staff is awesome as well!

Kathleen Fletchall
age 62,
Tennis Player

I just thought you would like to know how successful your PT with my right knee has been since my last session with you last April. I just returned from Arizona, having competed with my 4.0 senior (55 and older) team at USTA Nationals. Out of 17 sectional winners from the entire U.S. we won the championship, playing 6 matches in 3 days. Most of the 8 of us played 5 out of the 6 matches, beating even Arizona/N. Mex. and Texas, and in the finals on Sunday, N. and S. California. My knee felt great! Thank you so much for all your help.

Katrina Stewart
age 41

After many weeks of debilitating pain and numbness in my right shoulder, arm, and hand, I was persuaded by my husband and friends to seek help from Jeff Giulietti. To my great surprise, he quickly diagnosed the source of the problem as my neck, with a major cause being years of poor posture and general weakness that had set me up for injury. Jeff’s good care has enabled me to correct my posture, learn how to resolve pain before it becomes troublesome, and to become strong enough to do the things I need and want to do in my daily life. I am thriving physically for the first time in years! And a huge bonus is that with Jeff’s encouragement and guidance, I have started running, which I find an absolute joy! I’ve run a couple of 5K races so far (my 5K time: 25:12), am planning to run my first 10K race in a month, and I am training towards the Butte to Butte this summer.

Gayle Stroud

Thank You Jeff. I know I kid a lot. It’s just my way of facing my unknowns. I am my worst enemy. I was very, very surprised when I did some of those exercises! I appreciate the path you are leading me down. Your approach to my health care has been like No other professional that has tried.

Colleen Ebert

(knee problem) “I so appreciate benefiting from Jeff’s expertise. Thank you, thank you.”

Peggy Farris

(back & shoulder) “My back is doing great! I played volleyball the last two Monday nights and my back has been fine. Going from having trouble walking up a stair because of the pain, to playing volleyball four weeks later is pretty amazing. Thank you for all you have done for me!”

Amanda Hvass

“I have to say that one of the greatest things I learned from you was that when my body is hurting, I don’t have to run straight to a practitioner of any sort. I can take a moment. Think about what/how I’ve been doing things and evaluate where the pain might be coming from. Stretch or strengthen accordingly and….. shocker! I’m OK 🙂 More than ok. I’ve been telling EVERYONE about you. And my mother in law started coming to someone in your practice. And my husband has an appointment next week for his back. You taught me so much and I was SO appreciative that you could share out of your personal experience with a special needs son. I felt like you knew where I was coming from, but wouldn’t let me have a pity party for myself. I think you were an answered prayer in that a part of my emotions (from pity partying-special needs mommy….) got healed along with my physical body.  It’s been great! If I ever have a ‘flare’ up I re-evaluate and usually realize I haven’t been doing the program. I do my stretches and I’m back to 100%. And I’m so thankful.”  

Phyllis Fisher

“Jeff is the smartest, most creative rehabilitation therapist I have ever worked with. I am an elderly woman with severe arthritis in my shoulders — a condition deemed irremediable by two orthopedists and several other rehabilitation professionals. Jeff created a flexible series of graded exercises that in four months returned one arm and shoulder to normal strength and markedly reduced pain and increased strength in the other arm and shoulder. Jeff’s explanations and instructions were clear — as was his expectation that I would work as hard as he worked. The results were definitely worth the effort.”

Boone Casarez
(Collegiate Pitcher)

“It had been hurting to throw even out to 30 feet. And now I have no problem throwing at all! Thank you for helping me get to where I am today. I know that God placed you [Jeff] as my therapist for a reason. Thank you! So I am doing really good! It’s going well except the fact my coaches don’t believe me. It’s a 100% recovery! Right now I throw everyday and go out to about 100-120 feet. Otherwise it’s great!”