Michael Young, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Rachel Wright, DPT, OCS, CLT-LANA
Michael Rose DPT
Logan Vashon, DPT
Hailey Davis DPT
Hailey Davis, DPT
Ashley Schlebler DPT ATC(4)
Ashley Schleber, DPT, ATC
Drew Peterschmidt(1)
Drew Peterschmidt, SPT, CSCS
Montana Kaiyala (2)
Montana Kaiyala, SPT

Main Clinic: Heritage Courtyard • 54 Oakway Center • Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-687-7005

Downtown Satellite:1410 Oak Street, Suite 100  Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-345-2064

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Cancer / Lymphedema Treatment
Cancer / Lymphedema Treatment

Eugene Physical Therapy  –  what we offer:

Oncology/Cancer Care and Lymphedema Management:

  • Prevent or minimize the risk of developing lymphedema by providing education about the risk factors and initiating an early self-care program.
  • If lymphedema is already present, customize an effective management program to resolve, reduce or stabilize your lymphedema by utilizing various techniques which may include  *manual lymphatic drainage, *appropriate compression, *myofascial release techniques, *home selfcare.
  • Restore functional motion to tight and painful tissue (web syndrome, adhesions, radiation fibrosis, tight muscles).
  • Resolve pain issues.
  • Address deconditioning and help patients safely return to activities and hobbies.  We want to help you get your “Mojo” back.
  • Provide resources to patients for accessing compression garments and/or supplies.
  • Family training and self-care instruction that is “user friendly” and easy to implement at home.