Michael Young, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Rachel Wright, DPT, OCS, CLT-LANA
Ashley Schlebler DPT ATC(4)
Ashley Schebler, DPT, ATC
Hailey Davis DPT
Hailey Davis, DPT
Kaylee Amoe, DPT
Morgan Sunderland DPT
Morgan Sunderland, DPT
Natasha Giulietti, DPT

Main Clinic: Heritage Courtyard • 54 Oakway Center • Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-687-7005

Downtown Satellite:1410 Oak Street, Suite 100  Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-345-2064

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Cancer / Lymphedema Treatment
Cancer / Lymphedema Treatment

Eugene Physical Therapy  –  what we offer:

Oncology/Cancer Care and Lymphedema Management:

  • Prevent or minimize the risk of developing lymphedema by providing education about the risk factors and initiating an early self-care program.
  • If lymphedema is already present, customize an effective management program to resolve, reduce or stabilize your lymphedema by utilizing various techniques which may include  *manual lymphatic drainage, *appropriate compression, *myofascial release techniques, *home selfcare.
  • Restore functional motion to tight and painful tissue (web syndrome, adhesions, radiation fibrosis, tight muscles).
  • Resolve pain issues.
  • Address deconditioning and help patients safely return to activities and hobbies.  We want to help you get your “Mojo” back.
  • Provide resources to patients for accessing compression garments and/or supplies.
  • Family training and self-care instruction that is “user friendly” and easy to implement at home.