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Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic Modalities are those physical agents which may be utilized by Physical Therapists to try to change human physiology towards promoting tissue healing.  As this treatment is applied to the patient, and the patient has no physical interaction, it is considered a “passive approach”.   Current research is conclusive that a treatment plan with this as the primary focus is associated with a poor clinical outcome.2  That being said, therapeutic modalities have their place when pain may be so severe that “patient interactive procedures” are not possible.

In line with our commitment to “Excellence as a Standard of Care” our clinical goals are to progress a patient as quickly as possible towards more advanced and more effective forms of therapeutic intervention, which is associated with clinical success.  Examples of this are manual therapy, PNF, exercise, proprioception training, gait training, conditioning programs. 1,3-5

Therapeutic Modalities we offer in include:
Fluidotherapy (desensitization for nerve problems)
Electric Stimulation:  all forms (T.E.N.S., interferential current, neuromuscular
            stimulation, microcurrent)
Home Cervical Traction unit
Home Hip Traction unit
Cold packs


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