Michael Young, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Rachel Wright, DPT, OCS, CLT-LANA
Ashley Schlebler DPT ATC(4)
Ashley Schebler, DPT, ATC
Hailey Davis DPT
Hailey Davis, DPT
Kaylee Amoe, DPT
Morgan Sunderland DPT
Morgan Sunderland, DPT
Natasha Giulietti, DPT

Main Clinic: Heritage Courtyard • 54 Oakway Center • Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-687-7005

Downtown Satellite:1410 Oak Street, Suite 100  Eugene, OR 97401 • 541-345-2064

 Two Locations to Serve You:   CLICK HERE FOR MAP TO CLINIC

Home to the 2022 World Athletics Championships

✔ Want to become a Master clinician?

✔ Want to knock the ball out of the park and get your patients to succeed? Come join our team and get satisfaction that you changed a life!

  • Sports Medicine Track
  • Orthopedic/Spine & Extremity Track
  • Manual & Manipulative Therapy Track
  • Lymphedema Track
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Track

What are others saying?

Past References from PT Staff

Giovanni Figueroa DPT, CSCS

Justin Banks

Peter Schrey

Chester Mark Brown
PT, Dip. MDT

References from Traveler Physical Therapists

“After working with Jeff and the rest of the staff at Eugene Physical Therapy, I’ve learned more in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years.”    Tony Andres, DPT

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“Best clinic I have ever worked at! ”                                           “You have changed the way I  think….”  Michael Rose, DPT

. . . . . . . . . . . .

“My time at EPT allowed me to grow as PT more than I could have ever imagined in 14 weeks and challenged me in ways that I learned so much!  Great staff, great patients and overall a great time spent at EPT. – Abigail Van De Hei, DPT”

References from DPT Students

Jake Hegge, DPT, CSCS

Drew Peterschmidt, DPT, CSCS

Eugene Physical Therapy: We are hiring 

Eugene Physical Therapy is hiring! We are a Family and completely Independent. 2023 marks our 20th anniversary of independent practice. Our team is excited to share why Eugene Physical Therapy could be a great job fit for you!

Exploring Physical Therapy Jobs in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, provides a lot to offer for those who want to apply for a Physical therapist position.

   To apply, Email resume and cover letter to:

Why Eugene, Oregon?

Whenever I fly back to our town, I think of our home as the Emerald City due to how much green we have, with the backdrop to all ….that we call Forest. Eugene, Oregon, boasts a unique blend of urban amenities and access to the great outdoors.

One cannot discuss physical therapy jobs in Eugene, Oregon, without first acknowledging the captivating backdrop of this city and sister city, Springfield. Eugene, Oregon, is nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, the Cascade Mountains.

Eugene, Oregon’s serene surroundings, including the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers and Spencer and Skinner Buttes, provide an ideal environment for both work and leisure, noting our city bike paths have won awards at the national level.

Physical Therapy Jobs: Balancing Work and Lifestyle

One of the fundamental tradeoffs in choosing physical therapy jobs in Eugene is the delicate balance between work and lifestyle. While the demand for a physical therapist remains high, when conducting your search, it’s essential to consider how your job choice may impact your personal life. 

Eugene and Springfield residents are known for valuing a work-life balance, and many employers understand the importance of offering flexible schedules.

University Town:

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, with a student population of over 20,000; our rival school, Oregon State University (OSU), is less than 45 minutes away and boasts over 30,000 students.

Eugene is known as Track Town USA. Every 4 years, one of our physical therapists has been selected to host the USATF Olympic Trials since 2008. Hayward Field at U of O is the largest Track stadium in the United States. Our Physical Therapist clinicians have served on Sports Medicine Teams at the Olympic level since 2000.

Cost of living:

Compared to Washington or California, our cost of living is significantly lower. We have no state sales tax. Costs are simply less all around. Eugene continues to add more and more jobs as Oregon is known as a great place to live!

Why Apply at Eugene Physical Therapy?

As a Physical Therapist who has served our local health community for 30 years in Eugene, Oregon, I have seen a variety of physical therapist jobs and therapy job search settings in our area.

Gradually, I have seen more settings gravitate to having the Physical Therapist see multiple patients simultaneously and having the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) or the PT Aide serve in place of the Physical Therapist. This means the patient has less and less contact with a Physical Therapist.

Clinic Motto: Excellence as a Standard of Care

What makes the physical therapy services at our clinic stand out is our commitment to having only Physical Therapists deliver all the care at our clinics.

Our clinical model is becoming more rare. The quality of care delivered to a patient who sees 2 or 3 patients simultaneously will receive much less quality care than our Physical Therapist staff can deliver one-on-one.

It is our commitment to the care of the patient and that of a Physical Therapist who wants to thrive and excel.

Innovation and Creativity

In a world where a Physical Therapist may complain of stagnation and burnout, innovation and creativity are vital to thriving in our profession.

Are you looking at your patient as another patient? Or as a unique, genuinely different snowflake that may take creative thinking and going outside the box to yield clinical success.

Our Physical Therapy Services: Expanded Toolkit

Unique programs in aquatic physical therapy services.

Advanced running kinematic assessment on the track.

Use of weight training in a gym.

A patient exposed to Tai Chi class.

Manual & Manipulative Therapy. Strain/counterstrain. Muscle Energy Technique. Joint Mobilization. PNF, HVLT.

Dynamic Proprioception.

Providing Services

Our health patient is our customer. They all want to “get better,” but they do not know what they “need.” The Physical Therapist is the Professional who is supposed to explain the best path to an optimal recovery.

Did the Physical therapist ask for a thorough history or skim the surface of a more complicated case?

Did the Physical therapist inquire about prior treatment to evaluate its efficacy?

Patient Population

By design, we have an incredible variety of services and diverse patient ages and health conditions, with about 75% being orthopedic, spine, and sports injuries.

We also have expertise in areas such as Hand Therapy, TMD, Stroke (CVA), Vestibular Rehabilitation, Lymphedema, CRPS, Parkinson’s, and headaches.

World Class Sports Medicine

Anyone can treat an athlete. Can you take your care to the “World Class” level?

This does not start with a scan that may be expensive.

It starts with taking time to listen.

To make a hypothesis.

To make a differential diagnosis.

To establish a serious relationship with your patient.

Is the patient part of the solution or part of the problem.

Treatment Rooms/Gyms/Equipment

All of our patient rooms have mechanical hi-lo tables with access to gym area space. We utilize Rowing ergometers, treadmills, and stationary bikes, including every possible item you would need to excel in advancing your clinical skills to the expert level.

This includes the ability to loan items such as canes, crutches, and walkers to the patient, in addition to access to immobilizers and other forms of bracing that patients sometimes need temporarily to start improving at an optimal manner.

Why would use Tubing vs. Thera-band? Is there a difference? Some Physical Therapists know the answer. These are examples of the many laundry list of tools we use to solve problems.


We offer tremendous mentorship opportunities to any new physical therapist that joins our clinic. Our goal is to help you build on your skills and help you utilize the services that we offer our patients.

Not only will our Physical Therapist grow and learn, but they teach as well. “To teach is to learn a second time”. Each year we accept 2-3 DPT students into a very rigorous training program.

#1 Rule: no patient leaves with a limp

A fundamental Physical Therapist job is teaching our clients to walk. Access to a clinic loaner program, where we provide canes, crutches, and walkers to the patient, in addition to access to immobilizers and other forms of bracing, will allow you to see why this #1 rule is critical.


At Eugene Physical Therapy, we offer a competitive salary, health insurance, and much more to our team.

Competitive Wages:

Our open position offers jobs with a salary is commensurate with experience and training the applicant has received.

Continuing Education:

We have a robust annual budget for each employee which also includes airfare and hotel stay to get you to those live courses that have truly built clinicians of excellence.

We are a hands-on profession. Teachers who have physical therapy jobs can give feedback, especially in the world of Manual Therapy; this is critical to our profession moving forward.

Post-Graduate Certification:

Our annual Physical Therapy budget includes the ability to pay for services in the pursuit of certification such as OCS, CSCS, and/or COMT.

Health Insurance Benefits:

To our knowledge, we are the only Physical Therapy employer in Eugene Springfield to pay 100% of health insurance for its eligible employees. When you apply for other physical therapist jobs and therapy jobs in Eugene, Oregon making informed decisions that align with your career goals and personal aspirations is key to your search.

Why you?

You can change the world one patient at a time. Working with us will shape you into the kind of Physical therapist that patients seek out. We seek to give the men, women, and children the highest quality care. to improve their health.

Take pride in your growing skill to deliver the best possible care.

Seeking Passionate people

What drives the passion for a Physical Therapist? The answer lies in building on your degree and advancing your education and training. We improve our patients by being exposed to the cutting-edge frontier. We should also not forget the tried and true practices of those before us.

Important Physical therapists such as Florence Kendall, Maggie Knot, Robin McKenzie, Olaf Evjenth, Stanley Paris, and Karel Bobath are just a few who helped form some critical foundational aspects of our profession. (See history page of PT link)

College Experience & Training

All Physical Therapist candidates who apply must have a Bachelor’s degree and either an entry-level master’s or Doctoral degree from a university offering an APTA-approved curriculum.

Team Player: 

What if a patient’s failure resulted from a Physical Therapist who chose not to be part of the physical therapy team? A family of Physical Therapists is more knowledgeable than a single individual.

We have team-up consults available for the patients who aren’t improving. The patient is #1. Mentoring you to be able to find success is the #2 goal for our Physical Therapist staff. That takes a “Team Player” attitude.

Our Reputation:

We have won the Reader’s Choice Award every year from 2008 to 2018 when the Eugene Register-Guard eliminated the category for Physical Therapist.

We have continued to win awards in our community. Our reputation for success with our patients and families is what our clinics are known for.

Our Physical Therapy Jobs: What do you need to apply?

We are excited to present our job opportunities to any physical therapist looking to move into the Eugene and Springfield area. See below to learn how to apply.

Apply for a Physical Therapy Job

Please send your resume/curriculum vitae, including any continuing education you have attended, and your photo to: Click Here.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in full-time jobs or positions and who want to join our clinic family.


Please include with your resume a cover letter, including 3 references, 2 of which must be prior employers. New Graduates will be considered, and Clinical Instructors can be used as references instead of employers.

State Licensure

Physical Therapists must have a current state license from the state board of physical therapy in the state they are practicing in. Each state has requirements to maintain CEUs for a licensure cycle.

Physical Therapy Jobs Eugene Oregon: Conclusion

The medical job outlook in Eugene and Springfield remains optimistic, driven by the city’s growing population and the increasing need for health services. As a Physical Therapist, you can expect stability in your career and professional and job growth.

Ready to take the next step in your physical therapy career in Eugene, Oregon? Explore the exciting opportunities that suits your aspirations and lifestyle. Apply today!







Please submit resume and reference list. Click Here.

Please send resume/CV including continuing education list to the contact listed below under the PHYSICAL THERAPIST paragraph.

EUGENE: home of the GREAT OUTDOORS and Track Town USA. 

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